World Food Day, Sports Day, Debate& Quiz, Kreole Festivale, etc

Yes. The governing board is comprised of the Chairman. Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Members

Yes. The five best performer from each programme and the Outstanding Performer are awarded scholarship offered by ANHRD






The programmes are fully accredited by the Seychelles Qualification Authority  (SQA)

Practical Training offered by Governmental and Private Organisation


6 months

Entry Requirement for Advance Certificate Programmes:

IGCSE results or equivalent in the following         subjects:

Mathematics D or BETTER, English as a 2nd language D or BETTER,  Chemistry D or BETTER, Biology D or BETTER.

Others: Record of Achievements (ROA)

  1. 20% OR BETTER in  General Mathematics  50%  or BETTER in General English and 35% or Better in  General Science  .

Others Record of Achievements (ROA) , conditional offer if not meet above requirement.

1. Apprenticeship (Certificate Programme)

2. Advanced Certificate Programme

Answer: Fill in Registration Form at SIAH or Online Application on SIAH Website

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